The Isolation of Ron

He was a famous unknown painter
Who couldn’t paint a thing
He bred a type of honeybee
That really loved to sting
He only ever volunteered
Every fourth leap year
And when the visitors scored a goal
He made a mighty cheer
He filled his bouncy castle
With a couple tons of rocks
He wore a polka-dotted suit
With orange checkered socks
And on his hundredth birthday
They asked him what to make
He said “I’d like one candle—
and a hundred birthday cakes.”

Money Isn’t Everything

This is the house with the Tiffany lamp
and the Tiffany desk and the Tiffany clock.
If you open the Tiffany door to the closet,
you’ll find Tiffany shoes and one Tiffany sock.

See the Tiffany jewels by the Tiffany bed,
two Tiffany dresses in purple and blonde.
Tiffany roses in a Tiffany vase,
there’s even a Tiffany duck in a pond.

The Tiffany bike has a Tiffany chain,
the rain runs down a Tiffany drain.
The Tiffany clown cries Tiffany tears…

But we haven’t seen Tiffany in years.